Covid19 changes

COVID 19 restrictions are now in place at Uxbridge Sports Club.

When you come to The Club:


  • Please enter via the main entrance and follow the signs that are now in place.
  • Sanitise your hands when you arrive.
  • Sign in giving your contact details.
  • Follow the signs in place to queue for bar and food.
  • There are tables with varying numbers of seats. Please leave the tables and chairs within their areas and ensure you maintain social distances at all times.
  • The men’s toilets are in the changing rooms.
  • The women’s toilets are in the usual place (please follow the in and out directions).
  • There are tables and seating available outside. Again, please adhere to social distancing.
  • Leave the club via the double doors at top of steps by the televisions, and sanitise your hands as you leave.

Thank you in advance for following the safety measures that we’ve put in place. They are for yours and others safety.